Mini Hill Lessons - $59

Do you want to impress your friends and tell them you went hang gliding last weekend? You don't have to tell them that you were only 3-4 feet off the ground, launching off a small training hill! Our 45 minute "taste of hang gliding" is perfect for someone that just wants to get a feel for the sport, without boring lectures on aerodynamics. We start you out on flat ground, teaching you how to properly hold the glider and how to walk-jog-run in a training harness attached to the glider. The next step is moving to the bottom third of the hill, ready to feel your feet get light after you take a few steps facing directly into the wind. Once you've experienced that, it's up to the top of the hill, from whence you'll thrill to a long glide to the bottom. A typical lesson includes 5-10 launches depending on student progress.


Scooter Tow method allows you to be gently towed aloft.

“Low & Slow” method of hang gliding instruction.

Now doing 2,000 foot tandems!

THE quickest and easiest way to get a true hang gliding experience.

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Operating at Twin Oaks Airport just north of Whitewater, Wisconsin.



How Safe is Hang Gliding?

Hang Gliding is about as dangerous as riding a bike and we believe driving to the airport is riskier. Very few accidents happen, mostly because it is very hard to crash into anything 2,000 feet in the air. Hang gliders fly at relatively low speeds when compared with motorcycles, scooters, or even a downhill bike ride. Accidents primarily occur during takeoff or landing, and seldom harm the pilot.

Proper safety precautions such as helmets, parachutes, pre-flights, and hang checks keep the odds of a serious incident low. Hang Gliding is a social sport, and should never be done alone. Most hang gliding accidents occur when a pilot fails to have the proper safety equipment or flies without other pilots nearby.



What are Scooter Tow lessons like?

Our lessons are fun, safe and does not require any unusual strength. In fact many students put way too much energy into their first tows but we understand that they are excited and can't help themselves. Lessons are held early in the morning and late in the afternoon to ensure that the atmosphere is a calm as possible, as the day progresses the sun gradually starts making the air unstable and buoyant and not suitable for beginners.

We start the lesson by teaching you how to safely hook into the glider, how to stand and hold a glider, and how to walk, jog, run with the glider. Your instructor will actually pull you in the glider to make sure that the student is not helping the tow process.

Learning the "hang check"

Holding the glider properly with a light touch

Do not help! Just go with the flow...

Your first tows are "touch and goes", but very exciting none the less. An average lesson lasts 3-4 hours and you can expect 8-10 tows per lesson.



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