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The Whitewater Hang Gliding Club

Hang Gliding like Scuba Diving should never be practiced alone, and that is where the club comes in. Located at the same airport as the scooter tow operation, the club operates the aero tow, safety, facility and entertainment side of the sport. About 50 members from Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota come out and play in the sky mostly on weekends starting in April and stretching the season for as long as possible, usually into November. Club members become good friends and usually a campfire is the center of the "reliving the flights of the day" which can go on for hours. Several times a season bands will play on the small stage and make it a real celebration.

On the perfect days, pilots can release from the tow at 2,000 feet and glide from thermal to thermal for hours and some pilots actually leave home and travel over 100 miles.

2011 Officers include

President: Mark Furst

Vice President & Safey Officer: Rich Cizauskas

Treasurer: Tom Gudex

Late afternoon relaxation at Twin Oaks. Hang Gliding is a very social sport and even if the flying conditions are not perfect people gather and enjoy the wonderful surroundings.

Cook outs bring out the best in people.

Instructor Stan Abramski of Chicago holding court at Twin Oaks, instructors and pilots alike love talking about their favorite sport.

Instructor Rik Bouwmeester of Waunakee goes over the paperwork before giving a discovery flight tandem

Even the artwork at Twin Oaks is all about hang gliding!